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The Powers That Be Are Trying Everything To Stop Defense Distributed

From Lawfare Blog:

Cody Wilson’s legal battle to post his plastic gun schematic is awful, pitting speech values against human lives, raising the specter of more mass shootings, and casting a dark shadow on what should be the bright new technology of 3-D printing. In times like these, it’s tempting to wish that a few magic words could make the schematic—and all its legal and moral baggage—simply disappear.

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What’s The Point Of A Printed Gun?


This gun is a manifestation of the new digital reality: the physical world has become information-based. The only way to control it is to muzzle people, violate free speech rights, and fundamentally transform a principle we have come to believe about the relationship between the individual and state.

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Cody Wilson Interview With The Gaurdian

From The Business Insider:

It’s a gun. It works. And any nut with access to a 3D printer can print one in the privacy of their bedroom and then … well, you get the picture. The plans include a metal shank so that it’ll show up in an x-ray scanner, but it is the work of moments to remove it. And while it is an argument that has a different resonance in the US, where any aforesaid nut can simply go out and buy a gun in a shop, and the rights of nuts to go and buy such guns is enshrined in the constitution, even there, it has caused shock waves. In Britain, where we hope our robbers carry nothing more than a big stick and arm our police officers accordingly, it’s a potential societal revolution that none of us asked for.

One must remember that the interviewer is from England and hostile to most of Cody’s ideas and most of The United States’ ideals as well.

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