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Forgotten Weapons On The New 30 Super Carry

From Forgotten Weapons:

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Choosing Defensive Ammo

From The Truth About Guns:

Ideally, self-defense ammunition will have a blend of effective penetration and expansion. It should penetrate to sufficient depth to compromise vital structures, but also expand enough to dump its energy into the target and come to a stop.

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Gunfighting in the “Red Zone”



Red ZoneThe basic premise for The Red Zone, a one day class I recently attended in Camden, Tennessee was that during an actual life or death encounter there are far more things that should not be shot than those than should be.   Johnny Jihad is evil and can shoot up the landscape.  You are the good guy and cannot do so.  David Biggers former U.S. Army Officer and dedicated student of the gun led a dozen men and women through several drills designed to force the shooter to fire their defensive pistols in a deliberate and discriminating manner.

Up Close and Personal

The FBI compiles the most thorough statistics of actual gunfights in the United States. According to the 2009 stats, 19 of the 48 officers murdered in the line of duty where a firearm was used were 0-5 feet from their attacker.  We’ve all accepted the 21 foot average, but the truth seems to be that 21 feet is more likely to be the outer limit than the minimum.


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James Yeager: XS Sights for Defensive Purposes – Demonstration of Sight Picture

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