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Disabled Woman Stops Home Invasion

From Ammoland:

At about 2:45 on Saturday afternoon, at the Carrington Place Apartments on FM 1960 West, in the 12700 block, a 53-year-old disabled woman resident used a firearm to stop a crew of criminals who were breaking into her home.

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Muslim bus drivers refuse to let guide dogs on board

'Stunned': George Herridge, 73, was twice asked by bus drivers to leave their vehicles because of his guide dog, a black labrador

“Blind passengers are being ordered off buses or refused taxi rides because Muslim drivers or passengers object to their ‘unclean’ guide dogs.

One pensioner, a cancer sufferer, told how had twice been confronted by drivers and asked to get off the bus because of his guide dog, and had also faced hostility at a hospital and in a supermarket over the animal.”

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