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Samaritan Saves Woman From Being Strangled

From Charlotte Observer:

Around 2 p.m., Jefferson City police responded to reports of a fight outside a Bojangles restaurant where a “legally armed Good Samaritan” had stepped in to stop the woman from being assaulted and strangled during a domestic incident, according to a report posted to the department’s Facebook page.

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Abuse Not Good Enough Reason For Canadian Woman To Carry Gun

From The Chronicle Herald:

A judge told a woman who was brutally beaten by her former boyfriend that carrying a gun in public was not an acceptable form of protection.

Orr sentenced Gaudet on Friday to 30 days in jail for possession of a weapon for purposes dangerous to the public. She also handed the woman a second 30-day sentence, to be served concurrently, for breaching probation by failing to keep the peace.

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Making Women Equal

From New Hampshire Union-Leader:

Senate Bill 116 (which has cleared the Senate and moves on to the House) would allow all legal gun owners to carry concealed without first applying for permission. This fully baked idea (it is the longstanding policy of Vermont, hardly a den of gun violence) would grant women an extra degree of protection against both abusers and street criminals. The question for opponents should be: Why do you want to keep women down?

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