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Good Guy With A Gun Destroys Gun Control Narrative

From Reason:

On Monday, a good samaritan with a gun averted a catastrophe at an Indiana mall. [killer’s name redacted], a 20-year old man brought more than 100 rounds of ammunition and three rifles: a Sig Sauer M400 rifle he bought in March 2022; an M&P15 rifle that was found in the mall bathroom and bought in March 2021; and a Glock 33 pistol discovered on his body. In the span of a few minutes, [name redacted] fired 24 rounds, killed three people, and injured two others.

We’ve redacted the killers name so as not to encourage infamy. Reason did not redact the name in the original article.

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Samaritan Saves Woman From Being Strangled

From Charlotte Observer:

Around 2 p.m., Jefferson City police responded to reports of a fight outside a Bojangles restaurant where a “legally armed Good Samaritan” had stepped in to stop the woman from being assaulted and strangled during a domestic incident, according to a report posted to the department’s Facebook page.

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Man Saves Woman From Carjacker


A man with a concealed carry permit stepped up to help his neighbor when she was confronted by an armed man during an attempted carjacking last week.

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Redemption: Former Felon Saved Arizona Cop

From Phoenix New Times:

Fortunately for DPS Trooper Edward Andersson, whose life hung on the edge before Yoxall showed up on January 12, Yoxall had his gun rights restored in 2003 after he successfully completed probation.

Yoxall has paid back his debt to society — big-time.

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