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Supreme Court Justices Reveal Their Ignorance On Guns In Oral Arguments

From The Federalist:

The key differences between automatic and semiautomatic weapons with bump stocks were largely lost on the justices, especially Ketanji Brown Jackson and Elena Kagan, who repeatedly insisted bump stock-equipped guns can fire up to 800 rounds a second. They, along with the government’s legal team, repeated the lie that semiautomatic rifles with modifiers could fire hundreds of shots (in Kagan’s words, “a torrent of bullets”) each moment. Cargill lawyer Johnathan Mitchell corrected them multiple times.

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Elena Kagan will be a solid vote against the Second Amendment if confirmed

by Luke O’Dell, Director of Operations, National Association for Gun Rights

“Just a few days ago, Senator Graham (R – SC) voted with the gun-grabbers on the Judiciary committee for confirmation of Elena “not sympathetic to your gun rights” Kagan to the Supreme Court.

That kind of defeatist pandering makes me sick, especially when it’s clear that Kagan will bring an ardently anti-gun agenda to the Supreme Court.

Elena Kagan will be a solid vote against the Second Amendment if confirmed, but they don’t want the public to see that for themselves.

We know that:

– Kagan said she is “not sympathetic” to the right to keep and bear arms.

– Kagan supports gun licensing and registration.

– Kagan dismisses the notion that the Second Amendment deserves “unlimited protection against governmental regulation.”

– Kagan personally drafted an executive order for Bill Clinton that banned the importation of semi-automatic firearms.

On top of another Graham betrayal of conservatives, Indiana Republican Richard Lugar is planning to join Graham in support of Kagan’s nomination.

Make no mistake Lugar and Graham are complicit in selling out YOUR Second Amendment rights.”

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Elena Kagan: tried to hamper military recruiting at Harvard

Some of the toughest questions Elena Kagan will face in her Supreme Court confirmation hearings this coming week will focus on her actions during the military recruiting controversy while she was dean of Harvard Law School.

In 2004, Kagan barred military recruiters from using the law school’s office of career services to meet with students interested in military service.

To many Americans – including those with family and friends on overseas deployments – any effort to restrict military recruitment endangers US service members and the country.

“The Army was stonewalled at Harvard. Phone calls and emails went unanswered,” an Army recruiter said in a March 2005 memo. “The [career services director] refused to inform students that we were coming to recruit and the [career services director] refused to collect resumes or provide any other assistance.”

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Does NRA = KKK?

It continues to astound me how many people simply disregard certain parts of the Constitution to these United States.

…National Review has learned that in 1996, Kagan apparently tied the NRA to the KKK — yes, the KKK — while debating the Clinton administration’s position on a bill.

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