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Cartels Using Drones With C4

From National Security News on Instagram:

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Repost @the_narcology_page More evidence has surfaced to indicate the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) is using drones armed with C4 explosives to attack its enemies. A citizens’ militia group in Tepalcatepec, Michoacán, reports finding two drones inside an armored car that cartel hitmen had abandoned after an attempted raid on the city, which borders Jalisco, on July 25. The C4 was packed with ball bearings to serve as shrapnel in Tupperware-like containers that were equipped with a remote detonation system and duct-taped to the drones, militia members explained. The drones were found in a cardboard box that was soaked in blood, indicating to the militia members that whoever was intending to fly the drones was injured before they could be launched. The new tactic represents the cartel’s determination to wrest control of the western Michoacán municipality from the self-defense militia and an evolution of their air attack strategy. In April, the cartel used small planes to drop explosives on Tepalcatepec, but after authorities increased aerial surveillance in the region the CJNG opted for drones, which cannot be detected on radar. Militia members say that loud explosions have been heard across the municipality, but no one thus far has been injured in a drone attack. They believe the cartel has not yet learned how to fly and detonate them with precision. #mexico

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IED Found In Central Texas Near Fort Hood

From KCEN:

An improvised explosive device (IED) was found and disabled Tuesday night under a bridge near Rosebud.

According to Falls County Constable Richard Aleman, 2 juvenile boys were hunting for rabbits late Tuesday evening when they saw suspicious items under a bridge near Farm to Market 1963. 1 of the boys contacted his father, who is former military, and his father contacted the fire department.

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Explosions near three government offices in Monterrey

10/2/10: Three explosive devices were detonated near government offices in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, including the US Consulate.

The first explosion occurred late Friday evening in the parking lot of the state treasurer’s office; the second, in the street some 200 yard from the US Consulate and the third, outside the Topo Chico prison.

Some damage to the pavement and nearby vehicles was caused by the explosions and one person suffered a leg injury.

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New Explosive Being Tested For the Military

From Wired

Called IMX-101 (which stands for Insensitive Munitions Explosive) the explosive is one successful result of a four-year Pentagon-funded effort that sought to replace TNT — military munitions’ longtime staple. First to go will be M795 artillery projectiles: 1,200 produced with IMX-101 instead of TNT will be delivered to the Army and Marine Corps by 2011.

Defense Talk article

As bad as it sounds war always ends up advancing science.

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