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New Cartridge The 6.8 Western


Winchester debuted their 6.8 Western chambering in conjunction with partner Browning’s launch of multiple bolt-action rifles ready to send these rounds after animals like Elk and Mule Deer. Both the Winchester Model 70 and XPR lines of bolt-action rifles are already being chambered for the zippy new round.

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California Assembly Passes Bill to Ban Lead Ammo

From: The Sacramento Bee

Legislation that would make California the first state to ban the use of lead ammunition in hunting has cleared the state Assembly.

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Uncle Ted’s Hunting Ammo

Ted Nugent now has his own line of hunting ammunition.

From GunUp:

Pierce Munitions, LLC of Buffalo, NY has entered an exclusive agreement to manufacture the high performance hunting ammunition for avid hunter and music legend Ted Nugent.

Pierce Munitions is a company whose main focus is producing high quality performance ammunition. The Ted Nugent Brand will be available for retail distribution exclusively through American Tactical Imports, Rochester, NY.

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