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New Cartridge The 6.8 Western


Winchester debuted their 6.8 Western chambering in conjunction with partner Browning’s launch of multiple bolt-action rifles ready to send these rounds after animals like Elk and Mule Deer. Both the Winchester Model 70 and XPR lines of bolt-action rifles are already being chambered for the zippy new round.

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The Most Important American Guns

From The Federalist:

Martin Meylin has been credited with being the first great American gunmaker and inventor of the Pennsylvania long rifle—which was to become known as the Kentucky long rifle (“Kentucky,” in those days, being anything in the wilderness west of Pennsylvania). Meylin’s small cobblestone workshop still stands off a two-lane road in Lancaster. Local schools are named after him. Plaques have been erected in his honor. State politicians have even written legislation commemorating his contribution to American life.

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Browning Ammo Coming in 2016

Browing Ammo

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