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Armed Neighbor Stops Shooter

From USA Carry:

Zachary Arnold, 26, was shot dead by an armed neighbor after he was yelling and attempting to lure the fellow residents of his apartment complex out to shoot them.

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New Attack On Long Range Shooting

From Bearing Arms:

Who the hell needs to hit something, anything, from over a mile away? I’ll tell you who: an Army or Marine sniper, that’s who. They’re selling military-grade rifles to the general public. That’s what this sniper rifle is, and that’s what all the various iterations of the AR-15 style assault rifles are. Military-grade killing machines. All of them are for sale on the open market here in the United States of America. You can go down to your local gun store and buy one tomorrow. That means you’ll be able to set the damn Scorpion up on its bi-pod and hit a so-called “soft target” so far away you need a goddamn telescope to see it.

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