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TSA Screeners Plead Guilty to Smuggling Drugs

If the DHS and TSA put as much effort in to policing their own employees as they do into looking for fingernail clippers and harassing flyers maybe I wouldn’t mind going through the  “security theater”.

Who Watches The Watchmen?

Two TSA Screeners Agree to Plead Guilty to Conspiracy Charges in Scheme to Smuggle Narcotics Through Security Checkpoints at LAX

July 24, 2012
– Los Angeles

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Sangin, Afghanistan: Taliban stronghold, “Afghanistan’s Fallujah”

By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent

“I’d tell anyone now don’t come here because I’d never want to come here again,” one soldier told me this summer at a Sangin patrol base hemmed in by all sides by insurgents.

“This place is different to anywhere else; really it’s a Taliban stronghold,” he added.

The town is likely to remain a Taliban redoubt because it always has been and there is little desire, or resources, to tackle Sangin’s problems. The centre for the narcotics trade and a hub for warring tribes the complexities of Sangin’s problems are deep.

But the town is also the testing ground for the Taliban where an average of 400 external fighters come each year to “earn their stripes” and the fighting is of an intensity not found anywhere else in Helmand. On average there are 15 small arms fire contacts a day and 15 IEDs found a week.

No wonder then that troops nicknamed Sangin the “bastard child of Helmand” or “Afghanistan’s Fallujah”.

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The Other US Border Dilemma

From: IDGA

… U.S.’s often overlooked northern border has some very serious challenges of its own and there are real and very serious criminal and terrorist threats along its long frontier.  The U.S. Canada border has been called the worlds friendliest and for a long time many Americans viewed crossing the border into Canada on par with crossing state lines.  It has commonly been seen as very easy to cross, low hassle, and having minimal security presence even at checkpoints.

For those very same reasons this same border has been becoming increasingly attractive to criminals and terrorists that see great opportunity for smuggling and low chance of being apprehended.  The U.S. Canada border is massive in terms of mileage and greater in size than the southwest Mexican border that is very large in its own right.

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