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Gun Sanctuaries Take Hold In Pacific Northwest

From Bearing Arms:

In recent months the Pacific Northwest has been ground zero for the movement, and Second Amendment activists in Oregon were able to put Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinances on the ballot in four Oregon counties. The ordinances won the approval of voters this week in Columbia and Umatilla counties, while the ballot measure was rejected in Clatsop and Coos counties (where local officials had campaigned against the proposal).

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Backlash In Seattle For Funding The Police

From Stop Defunding:

With over 100,000 signatures on our petition, the city council is panicking and has postponed the vote to defund the Seattle Police Department until Monday, August 10th.
On Monday August 3rd 2020, despite having no specific plan, the Seattle City Council will vote to defund the Seattle Police Department.  The defunding of the SPD would mean that up to 800 officers would be fired.  That’s over half of all sworn officers.  It would also mean immensely longer 911 response times and of course, higher crime rates.  Please sign our petition to stop the defunding of the Seattle Police Department and send a message to the city council that says “no” to the defunding the Seattle Police Department.

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Washington Cities Looking At Gun Storage Laws

From My Northwest:

Communities not far from Seattle are now considering their own safe gun storage regulations after the Emerald City passed its own.

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