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Washington To Ban Firearms At Protests And State Capitol

From Crosscut:

Over opposition from Republicans and gun-rights activists, both houses of the Legislature have passed a ban on weapons within 250 feet of protests or on the Capitol campus in Olympia. Backers say empowering police to remove or arrest armed onlookers addresses widespread complaints from demonstrators and reduces a bona fide safety risk.

After a year of protests in Portland and Seattle about police brutality and defunding the police Washington State now wants to give the police more power? The entire Northwest is schizophrenic. They don’t know what they want.

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Maryland Man Sentenced To One Year For Having A Party

From Ars Technica:

A Maryland judge sentenced a man to one year in jail after finding him guilty of throwing two large parties in violation of a state pandemic order that banned large gatherings. Police were called to the man’s home twice in one week, and he refused to disband the party on the second occasion, authorities said.
Shawn Marshall Myers, 42, was sentenced on Friday at the District Court of Maryland, said an announcement by the state’s attorney for Charles County. Myers’ legal troubles began on March 22 when “multiple officers responded to Myers’ residence… for the report of a large party” violating Governor Larry Hogan’s order in which “large gatherings were strictly prohibited,” the state’s attorney office said.

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Everyone Should Be Able To Carry Peacefully, This Is A Bad Take

From Reason:

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