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Woman Arrested For Taking Kids To Park

From Breitbart:

An Idaho mother who was arrested in April after taking her children to the playground spoke with Breitbart News at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she shared her story, saying draconian rules implemented in response to the Chinese coronavirus are pitting “good citizens against good officers.”

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Knowledge Is Power, Teach Your Kids About Guns

From US Concealed Carry:

Just like with any other important issue in life, no one can teach about responsible gun ownership by ignoring firearms or pretending they aren’t there. That simply makes a firearm “taboo,” and, ultimately, even more interesting to little ones. It’s important to address the topic. Talk to your children. Guide them. Teach them! You don’t want them attempting to figure this out on their own.

Depending on their ages and on their levels of understanding, my husband and I have purposeful, valuable and meaningful discussions with our children about safety and personal protection. We teach them the basic firearms safety rules over and over — and over — again. We share real stories about bad people, helpful law enforcement officers, negligent shootings and responsible gun ownership.

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