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Celebrating Famous Women And Their Guns

From America’s First Freedom:

In the twilight of the nineteenth century, the U.S. frontier was a tenuous place to be; especially for women, as they were often left alone for long stretches of time to fend for the family. The nearest help for them might be miles away down dark and dusty roads.

But with all the struggles and insecurity for many of the women who came before me, it was also a time of tremendous social rebellion, autonomy, and discovery. It was a time when many women not only picked up firearms as a means of self-protection, but also when they laid the foundation for the rights we have today.

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American Contingency

In recent months government-provided Fire, Police and Medical first-responders were ordered to stand down and for the most part they did. What do you do when 911 doesn’t answer? American Contingency is a volunteer network of “better prepared citizens”, “patriots that want to defend our country and protect our families”. Its a network that can mobilize to assist you in a natural or man-made disaster. Learn more at

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Canadians Fight Back Against Gun Ban


A petition to stop the Liberal government of Canada implementing a ban on “military-style assault rifles” has reached 153,000 signatures – well over six times bigger than any previous petition. The petition opened on Dec. 17, 2019, and will close on Feb. 15, 2020.
Prominent law enforcement officers have stated that a ban will have little effect. “When we seize handguns, the handguns are always, almost 100-percent, in the possession of people who have no legal right to possess them. They’re almost always stolen or illegally obtained,” said Winnipeg Police Service spokesperson Const. Rob Carver earlier this month.

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Those Who Carry a Pocket Knife

From Appalachian Magazine:

For my father and so many others, a pocketknife was an essential tool to their daily life.  The men who carry them are hardworking, do it yourselfers, who were raised to rely on themselves in nearly every situation.
The history of the pocketknife is quite telling, with its widespread usage dating back to the 1600s, where they were known as peasant knives and were used by the poorer working class of England.

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Knowledge Is Power, Teach Your Kids About Guns

From US Concealed Carry:

Just like with any other important issue in life, no one can teach about responsible gun ownership by ignoring firearms or pretending they aren’t there. That simply makes a firearm “taboo,” and, ultimately, even more interesting to little ones. It’s important to address the topic. Talk to your children. Guide them. Teach them! You don’t want them attempting to figure this out on their own.

Depending on their ages and on their levels of understanding, my husband and I have purposeful, valuable and meaningful discussions with our children about safety and personal protection. We teach them the basic firearms safety rules over and over — and over — again. We share real stories about bad people, helpful law enforcement officers, negligent shootings and responsible gun ownership.

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