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Gun Control Is War On Poor

From National Interest:

Gun owners would have two choices: either surrender their property to the government or pay a $200 tax to keep each item, which will be added to a national registry. For many people, this would quickly turn into thousands of dollars paid to keep their own property. A hunter, for example, with just one AR-15 and four standard capacity magazines would owe the federal government $1,000. Failure to comply could mean up to ten years in federal prison and a $10,000 fine.

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Fees And Taxes Hurt The Poor

From Bearing Arms:

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo believes residents in his city should have to pay for the privilege of exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, a measure that’s not only patently unconstitutional but would also cause some lower-income Americans to lose their rights, not because of a felony conviction or mental ajudication, but because of the balance of their bank account.

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