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Silent Circle Raises $50 Million

From ArsTechnica:

Terms of the buyout deal with Spanish smartphone maker Geeksphone, the phone’s hardware manufacturer, were not disclosed. Silent Circle said Thursday that it has raised $50 million and plans on showing off an encrypted “enterprise privacy ecosystem” at World Mobile Congress next week. A BlackPhone tablet is on the way, too.

“Silent Circle has brought tremendous disruption to the mobile industry and created an integrated suite of secure enterprise communication products that are challenging the status quo,” Mike Janke, cofounder and chairman of the Silent Circle board, said in a statement. “This first stage of growth has enabled us to raise approximately $50M to accelerate our continued rapid expansion and fuel our second stage of growth.”

 Silent Circle’s Enterprise Platform

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Silent Circle Moves To Switerland

From the Silent Circle Blog:

Switzerland – the land of Privacy, Neutrality and now Silent Circle (not to mention great cheese, chocolate and watches). We are very much an international firm. We have employees scattered among 9 countries, data centers in Canada and Switzerland, and we count customers from over 130 countries with a heavy concentration of Global 1000 enterprise customers outside of North America. We decided to move our Headquarters from the Caribbean island of Nevis to Switzerland and move a lot of our customer service, finance, sales and operations into this new large office.

It was very important for us to remain a “Global Neutral Privacy Provider”, as well as a political and religious agnostic company. Switzerland has the world’s most robust privacy laws, fantastic business and financial resources and an incredible business-friendly atmosphere. In addition to being the world’s center for Human Rights, Global freedom of speech and an innovative technology hub, Switzerland is our perfect home. This move was a logical an easy decision for us. With over 75% of our customer base outside of North America and our Joint Venture company Blackphone also headquartered in our joint new office space in Switzerland – it was a natural move.

We will continue to grow our North America office in Washington, DC as well as our London office, but most of our new growth will take place in our new headquarters. So, if you find yourself in Europe or close to Switzerland, we are only a short hop or train ride away – so please do stop into our new Headquarters office to say hi.

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The Back Channel: A Radio Show on Security and Technology

The Back Channel is brought to you by the creators of Silent Circle.

The Back Channel is a cutting edge radio show focused on Technology, Privacy, Security and policy on an international scale. Bringing together luminaries from the technology sector, Hackers, privacy advocates and world-renowned experts in a conversational forum to discuss the intersections of technology, privacy and government. The show itself touches upon controversial topics and digs into tension-filled public policy areas with a list of personalities and luminaries from around the world. Hosted by two world famous cryptographers, a former Navy SEAL and privacy advocate and a Silicon Valley security dilettante -The Back Channel is the one place where both Hackers and Government officials can come and “clear the air”

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Blackphone Challenging Conventional Wisdom

From the Silent Circle blog:

Blackphone is an innovative new ecosystem. The idea of creating an entirely new ecosystem is not new. Microsoft had its run with Windows, Skype, and Bing. They created an entire ecosystem behind the hardware and software, but failed to innovate ahead of the curve. Blackberry had its run with the phones, BEZ servers and BBM messaging. They are now dying a thousand little deaths because they did not innovate quickly enough. Google, Apple, Samsung and others have created dominant ecosystems that tie in software, hardware, wearables, media, music and services.  They rapidly innovated new platforms and models that left Microsoft, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC and others behind quickly. It’s been an amazing run for them, but this model too is dwindling. Fast movers like Xiaomi are killing them. Innovation, security and privacy demands are already putting cracks in this windshield. The fuel that feeds their ecosystem machine is customer data… Your data. It is pure gold to them.

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Press Release: Dark Mail Alliance

Today at the Inbox Love conference in Mountain View, CA, Silent Circle along with Ladar Levision, Founder of Lavabit officially announced the creation of the Dark Mail Alliance.

Silent Circle and Lavabit, as privacy innovators have partnered to lead the charge to replace email as we know it today – fundamentally broken from a privacy perspective – we have collaborated in developing a private, next-generation, end-to-end encrypted alternative. Read the rest of this entry »

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Silent Circle Comments on the NSA

Here is an excerpt of Silent Circle’s  editorial from their company blog:

We at Silent Circle believe these revelations and disclosures are some of the best things that could happen to the technology sector. In fact, the battle for your digital soul has turned strongly towards Privacy’s corner because we now know what we are up against. We are beginning to define the capabilities and tactics of the world’s surveillance machine. Before all of this -we speculated, guessed and hypothesized that it was bad –we were all way off. It’s horrendous. It’s Orwell’s 1984 on steroids. It doesn’t matter –we will win the war.

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Silent Circle Can’t Guarantee Customers’ Privacy From NSA

From Tech Crunch:

“We knew USG would come after us”. That’s why Silent Circle CEO Michael Janke tells TechCrunch his company shut down its Silent Mail encrypted email service. It hadn’t been told to provide data to the government, but after Lavabit shut down today rather than be “complicit” with NSA spying, Silent Circle told customers it has killed off Silent Mail rather than risk their privacy.

Full press release from Silent Circle.

What Silent Circle does:

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