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Homeowner Shot By Police Exonerated By Bodycam

From The Truth About Guns:

On June 14th, a Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputy shot a “fiercely-patriotic” gun-owning homeowner in Simpsonville, South Carolina. For weeks, the department contended that the homeowner had jerked open his front door and pointed a handgun at the responding officer. But bodycam video that was just released shows a very different story.

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Lawmaker Trolls Anti-Gun Hypocrites With Reporter Registration Bill

From US News:

A South Carolina lawmaker invited nationwide condemnation Tuesday with legislation proposing a mandatory journalist registry and potential jail time for violators. But state Rep. Mike Pitts now says he intentionally duped reporters and press advocates to expose what he sees as their hypocrisy.

“I filed this legislation as an experiment to make a point about the media and how they only care about the constitution when it comes their portion of the 1st Amendment,” the Republican legislator wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday morning.

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ATI Relocating to South Carolina


This is the third company to relocate to South Carolina this year in the wake of calls for increased gun control nation-wide. While federal laws remain largely unaltered, gun control advocates were able to push for new laws in several states including New York, which passed the controversial SAFE Act.

“This move to South Carolina will help ensure a solid foundation for our company,” said Tony DiChario, ATI’s president. “The relocation process will be smooth and we have ensured that the process will not affect customer service, product distribution or any other segment of our business. The people of South Carolina have welcomed ATI with open arms and we are excited about making our new corporate home there.”

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South Carolina Town: ordinance would ban illegals from living or working here.

“SC town councilor takes on illegals – Far from the front lines in the battle over immigration, a South Carolina town is weighing an ordinance that would effectively ban illegals from living or working there.

Walter Bailey: “I thought it was outrageous when, by default, the State of Arizona has to go in there and do the job the Federal Government ought to be doing, instead of showing appreciation for that, and supporting Arizona, the Federal Government sues them.”

Video here:

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