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California Proposes Background Checks For Gun Parts


An Assembly bill now in the Senate would regulate “firearm precursor parts” sold in California through licensing, reporting and background checks.

The measure, AB 2383, passed the Democrat-controlled Assembly last month 45-29 and is currently working its way through the Senate. The proposal would mandate background checks on many of the components needed to build or repair firearms and regulate those who sell them through a licensing scheme. Supporters argue it will save lives.

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Democrats Targeted Gun Store In Virginia

From The Washington Times:

Democratic elected officials in Northern Virginia worked together to engineer a campaign against a Fairfax County firearms store in a bid to politicize gun violence and drum up support for a Democrat in an election Tuesday, an exchange of emails shows.

Delegate Kathleen Murphy, McLean Democrat, wrote an email to state Sen. Barbara Favola, Arlington Democrat, seeking help in shutting down the gun store. Ms. Favola was instrumental in organizing opposition to Mr. Gates’ shop in Arlington.


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Oregonians Rally Against Gun Control, Won’t Comply

A group from Oregon has set up a Facebook page for the rally. It is set for May 30 at the capital Salem.

This is a result of Oregon passing SB 941.

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Wisconsin Newspaper Calls For Repeal of Second Amendment

From The Wisconsin Gazette:

The fate of the Second Amendment should have been sealed when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that past rulings by their predecessors were wrong, that in fact the amendment that provided for a “well regulated militia” really guaranteed every individual the right to own a gun. Wow. That is an interesting reading of the English language. What the Supremes have done is to not only warp the meaning and make it into twisted law, but to further prohibit states and local governments from declaring their places free of legal guns. The conservative court once again rules against the power of states, a principle that used to be associated with darn liberals who wanted to make sure everyone had the right to vote, for example, even though they weren’t properly white enough. Now when a city or state wants to outlaw firearms, too bad. The conservatives took away their powers and rights in favor of Big Brother.

It boggles the mind that so many people choose to mis-read the second amendment while being perfectly able to read and interpret all the others.

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