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Trudeau Goes Full Tyrant After Texas Shooting

From Bearing Arms:

Citing the murders in Uvalde, Texas, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced his plan to “freeze” handgun sales and require existing owners of semi-automatic rifles to hand them over to the government in a compensated confiscation scheme that would take place before the end of the year.

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Gun Ban Petition Is Largest In Canadian History

From True North:

A petition against the Trudeau government’s gun ban has closed with 230,905 signatures, making it the largest parliamentary petition in Canadian history.

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Canadian PM To Spend More Disarming Citizens Than Fighting Gangs

From Toronto Sun:

The Trudeau government is looking to spend double buying back guns from legal gun owners than they have promised to spend fighting guns and gangs.
We can’t deny there is a problem with gun and gang violence in Canada. This past weekend in Toronto alone there were shootings in the core, in the suburbs and even a shooting on the highway. Toronto isn’t alone is dealing with gun and gang violence, it’s a problem across the country.

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