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‘At last there is someone who dares to say what millions of people think’

“If a politician is not allowed to criticise an ideology anymore this means that we are lost, and it will lead to the end of our freedom.” Geert Wilders, on trial for “insulting Muslims”, speaking out against Islamisation and for his film, Fitna.

[He] “was banned from Britain last February on the grounds that he would “threaten community harmony and therefore public security”

But who was the threat to harmony and security? Wilders for expressing his views? Or was the real threat those Muslims who threatened violence because they felt “insulted”?

“The Dutch government has chosen to censor his [Wilders] film and prosecute him for hate crimes. Decide for yourself if this film promotes hate, or is simply a educational film about Islam.”

Question: is it “hate” to speak out against ideologies that promote violent intolerance? Is it hate to resist people who use threats of violence to bully others into remaining silent? Is it hate to resist those who use fear to keep people from talking about ideologies they find toxic and dangerous?

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