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The Acute Jihadist Threat in Europe

The Acute Jihadist Threat in Europe is republished with permission of Stratfor.”

By Scott Stewart, Vice President of Analysis, and Sidney Brown

On March 26, the Belgian federal police’s counterterrorism force, or Special Units, conducted a felony car stop on Hakim Benladghem, a 39-year-old French citizen of Algerian extraction. When Benladghem reacted aggressively, he was shot and killed by the police attempting to arrest him. The Special Units chose to take Benladghem down in a car stop rather than arrest him at his home because it had intelligence indicating that he was heavily armed. The authorities also knew from their French counterparts that Benladghem had been trained as a paratrooper in the French Foreign Legion.

Additional intelligence showed that Benladghem had traveled extensively and that, through his travels and email and cellphone communications, he appeared to be connected to the international jihadist movement. Rather than risk a confrontation at Benladghem’s apartment, where he had access to an arsenal of weapons as well as a ballistic vest and helmet, the police decided to arrest him while he was away from home and more vulnerable. The Belgian authorities did not want to risk a prolonged, bloody siege like the one that occurred in April 2012 in Toulouse, France, when French police attempted to arrest shooter Mohammed Merah. Read the rest of this entry »

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Penn Jillette, Not Having the Courage to Confront Islam is Bullsh*t

Illustration by Bosch Fawstin

by David Swindle

It’s always a sad day when someone you admire tremendously, who has entertained and challenged you for years lets you down and reveals themselves to really stand up only for themselves instead of the ideas of freedom they claim to support.

Reason Magazine highlights some deeply discouraging remarks from Penn Jillette, the libertarian co-host of the extraordinarily great Showtime show “Penn and Teller’s Bullsh*t”:

Reason Magazine: Are there any groups you won’t go after?

Penn: We haven’t tackled Scientology because Showtime doesn’t want us to. Maybe they have deals with individual Scientologists—I’m not sure. And we haven’t tackled Islam because we have families.

Reason Magazine: Meaning, you won’t attack Islam because you’re afraid it’ll attack back …

Penn: Right, and I think the worst thing you can say about a group in a free society is that you’re afraid to talk about it—I can’t think of anything more horrific.

Y’know there are a whole lot of prominent people — who do have families — who have had the courage to tell the truth about Islam. Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Mark Steyn, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Geert Wilders… It’s actually a fairly long list with people who would be much more prominent targets than Penn and Teller.

When Jillette says things like he has here it accomplishes one thing: it empowers the enemy. It tells them to keep making threats and to keep killing people because ultimately it works because we in the West are too complacent, comfortable, and selfish to care.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who would be willing to put their lives on the line to hide and protect Jews in Nazi Germany, and those who looked the other way and lived comfortably as the Holocaust happened. The situation is pretty much the same in our age.”

“If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” -George Orwell

“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.”
-Thomas Paine

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
–Albert Einstein

‘To fear to face an issue is to believe that the worst is true.’
– Ayn Rand

“No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.” Winston Churchill on Islam

Don't get your hopes up. They only play brave people on TV.

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‘At last there is someone who dares to say what millions of people think’

“If a politician is not allowed to criticise an ideology anymore this means that we are lost, and it will lead to the end of our freedom.” Geert Wilders, on trial for “insulting Muslims”, speaking out against Islamisation and for his film, Fitna.

[He] “was banned from Britain last February on the grounds that he would “threaten community harmony and therefore public security”

But who was the threat to harmony and security? Wilders for expressing his views? Or was the real threat those Muslims who threatened violence because they felt “insulted”?

“The Dutch government has chosen to censor his [Wilders] film and prosecute him for hate crimes. Decide for yourself if this film promotes hate, or is simply a educational film about Islam.”

Question: is it “hate” to speak out against ideologies that promote violent intolerance? Is it hate to resist people who use threats of violence to bully others into remaining silent? Is it hate to resist those who use fear to keep people from talking about ideologies they find toxic and dangerous?

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Danish Hate Speech

Geert Wilders is an outspoken critic of Islamic fascists and will be on trial for hate speech in the Netherlands.

AP Story

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