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D.A.R.K. Angel Medical Pouch Generation 2

From: The Loadout Room

D.A.R.K. Angel Medical Kit At The Gear Locker, we are always looking for different ways to carry equipment. And, as you can guess, we love to test out the different types of pouches that hold your personal medical gear.  TGL was fortunate enough to be invited to DARK Angel’s 2-Day Tactical First Aid course (which you can read a review of here).  While at the class, I was able to get my hands on one of their D.A.R.K. First Aid Pouches (2nd Generation).  I have to say, it is a very compact kit. About the height of an M4 PMag (Dimensions: 8″ L x 3.5″ W x 2.75″ D Weight: 15.7 oz.) it will fit very nicely on a Plate Carrier, Chest Rig, or Battle Belt.

1″ Medic patch

Trauma shears


Vacuum-sealed components:

1 pair Nitrile gloves, size Large

1 pair HALO Seals

1x Nasal Airway

1x 4” Israeli Bandage

1x QuikCLot Combat Gauze LE

1x H&H PriMed Compressed Gauze


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Universal Tourniquet Pouch – Chinook

Chinook Tactical Medical Kit – Universal Tourniquet (TMK-UTQ) PouchChinook Tactical Medical Kit – Universal Tourniquet (TMK-UTQTM) Pouch

The TMK-UTQ pouch is designed to fit most tourniquets on the market  including:

    – CAT

    – SOFT

    – SOFT-Wide

    – RMT

    – and many other tourniquets of similar size.

With a dual attachment system on the back, the UTQ pouch is both MOLLE compatible and Duty Belt compatible.

 Features include:

  • Red pull tab for easy identification
  • Velcro closure flap for one-handed access
  • Velcro loop for patch attachment
  • Elastic sides for universal fit
  • MOLLE and Duty Belt compatible
  • 1000 Denier Cordura nylon

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Chinook Medical Gear

Chinook Medical Gear has a wide range of products for military/EMT personnel or just the average citizen.


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Special Operations Technologies IFAK

The VIPER Flat IFAK is designed with the soldier in mind and is meant to be worn on the back below the plate carrier.

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Tactical Distributors

Tactical Distributors is a great site that has a large selection of gear for the professional or tactical enthusiast. They sell everything including clothing, watches, knives, backpacks and more.

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This site has a everything a police/military working dog trainer or handler will need.  The toy section might also be a good place for someone with a large breed to checkout.

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Concussions Bring Together NFL and Military Personnel


Current players such as Arizona star receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Cleveland All-Pro tackle Joe Thomas met June 8 at the Pentagon with former players and coaches, league medical personnel and representatives from the Army and Marine Corps. The NFL expects to have military members attend team training camps beginning in late July to further exchange ideas.

Players will attend military bases in the future to discuss concussions, as well.

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Dark Angel Med Kits

Dark Angel Medical is great place to find very basic trauma kits. Their motto is “Simplicity Under Stress”.

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Tactical Medicine – tons of medic and first aid supplies


Tactical Medical Solutions – more advanced supplies like scalpels, triage kits, surgical kits and litters

International School of Tactical Medicine

Tactical Medics International – courses and supplies

 Chinook Medical Gear – med kits and supplies

North American Rescue – medical supplies for EMS, Law Enforcement and Military

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Agilite Injured Personnel Carrier

Agilite Tactical Gear has developed the Injured Personnel Carrier for the Israeli military.

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K-9 First Aid

In the video the guy mentions products for civilians, unfortunately their website only has the products available for police and military.

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MEDEVAC/CASEVAC Problems in Afghanistan

From Micheal Yon:

The highest ranking officers in the US Army continue to deceive Senators and Representatives about the ongoing MEDEVAC failures in Afghanistan.  There are telltale signs that reveal deceptive Generals.  If a General says or implies that Dustoff must wear Red Crosses due to Geneva Conventions, he is lying.  Full stop.

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PTSD Research: effectiveness of D-Cycloserine (DCS) in extinguishing fearful memories

“The Pentagon this week announced an $11 million grant doled out to three research institutions, all of them long-time hubs for the military’s ongoing PTSD investigations. Experts at Emory University, the University of Southern California and New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center will study the effectiveness of D-Cycloserine (DCS). DCS is a pharmaceutical thought to help extinguish fearful memories.

…Exposure therapy is thought to work by allowing patients to revisit traumas in safe settings. Every time the mind remembers an event, it “rewrites” that recollection. By helping a patient rewrite traumatic memories to be less frightening, studies suggest that exposure therapy can significantly improve symptoms like nightmares and flashbacks.

Adding DCS seems to hasten that process, targeting the precise brain pathways responsible for regulating fear responses.

Researchers will look at two different kinds of exposure therapy: Virtual reality, where a patient is fully immersed in digital combat scenarios, and prolonged imaginal exposure therapy, which asks them to simply remember and recount fearful memories.

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The Mechanics of Blast Injuries


Scientists have discovered a mechanism underlying the type of brain injury that soldiers often suffer as a result of roadside explosions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The work could point the way toward early treatment for these acute blast injuries by identifying potential drug targets.

Two new papers from the Disease Biophysics Group at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, led by Kevin “Kit” Parker, use tissue-engineering techniques to model the physical and biochemical effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the brain and blood vessels. Parker says the work represents a first step toward a “TBI on a chip” that could be used to screen for drugs to treat blast-injured soldiers before long-term damage sets in.


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British Female Medic Awarded Military Cross

From: American Ranger

Courageous Army medic awarded Military Cross

By Brian Brady, Whitehall Editor
Sunday, 27 March 2011

An Army medic who put herself in “mortal danger” to treat a wounded Afghan soldier under heavy Taliban fire has been awarded the Military Cross, Britain’s third-highest medal for gallantry.

Lance Corporal Kylie Watson, who gave the casualty medical care in exposed open ground for 20 minutes before getting him to a helicopter, is one of more than 130 servicemen and women commended for bravery in the latest military honours list.

The medic, who also made a 100-yard dash through enemy fire to help another Afghan soldier, was praised for her “immense courage [and] willingness to put her own life at risk”.

L/Cpl Watson, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, stemmed the soldier’s bleeding despite being hampered by other Afghan troops, and got the injured man to a helicopter landing site 200 yards away.


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