Arizona: trouble’s been brewing for a long time

There have been many voices howling in objection to Arizona’s tough stance on illegal immigrants.

Wherever you stand on the subject keep this in mind: Arizona citizens have been frustrated, concerned and alarmed about this problem of illegal immigrants for a long time. For example, this story from March of this year:

“Krentz’s body, and his badly injured dog, were discovered shortly before midnight Saturday by a helicopter search crew after he failed to show up at a prearranged meeting with his brother. No suspect has been identified, but footprints tracked by Border Patrol agents, deputies and Arizona Department of Corrections dog chase teams led 20 miles south to the Mexican border.

While many ranchers in Arizona grew furious about property damage and trash left behind by illegal immigrants who crossed through the state’s southeast corner on the way north, Krentz, several people said, was still willing to help those in need.

“He’s a kind and gentle man. He’s the last person who would ever be confrontational,” Cowan said. “If someone needed help, he would go help them. All he wanted was to raise his family and raise his livestock and have a peaceful life.”

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