Arizona Woman pulls her registration from Arizona State University in protest of illegal immigrant grads

“MESA, AZ – After watching the story of two Arizona State University graduates who admitted they are not U.S. citizens, the Mesa woman [Amber Kunau] says she decided not to enroll at the school.

Kunau said she recently pulled her registration from Arizona State University after seeing the story of two ASU graduates who admitted they were not U.S. citizens and went to Washington, D.C. fighting for the DREAM Act.

The two students, Dulce Matuz and Erika Andiola, spoke to ABC15 Sunday and described how they came to the United States as children, graduated college and hope the DREAM Act passes for a path to citizenship.

“After that story broke I changed my mind and talked to my husband about not attending ASU and he agreed,” said Kunau.

“I think it is really unfair that ASU is knowingly allowing illegal immigrants to attend their school,” said Kunau.

Kunau said the cost of her education at ASU for the psychology program would be around $21,000.

“I believe everyone should have the opportunity for a good education don’t get me wrong on that,” said Kunau. “There are many students that could also use that money that are here legally and I’m pretty sure those girls got some kind of financial aid.”

University spokesperson Julie Newberg released the following statement via email:

“ASU complies with all state and federal laws. Under Arizona law, students must be citizens or legal residents, or have lawful immigration status, in order to qualify for in-state tuition status or financial aid paid from state monies.”

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