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Court: Bump Stock Ban Unconstitutional

From The Federalist:

A divided federal appeals court in Ohio ruled that former President Donald Trump’s ban on bump stocks is unconstitutional and should no longer be enforced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

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Bump Stock Ban Coming?

From Reason:

CNN was the first to report the news yesterday evening, citing “officials familiar with the matter.” An administration official confirmed to The New York Times that the rule would be unveiled “in the coming days to weeks.” Under Trump’s new regulation, a source tells CNN, bump stock owners would have 90 days to get rid of the devices on their own or turn them over to authorities.

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Lawmakers Want More Restrictions On Gun Dealers

From Reason:

What’s a politician to do when it’s clear that people will vigorously resist attempts to restrict their lives? Well, you could empower government officials to arbitrarily punish anybody who might help them exercise their freedom. That’s the approach favored by three Democratic members of Congress, who appear to see the path to limiting private firearms ownership in harassing gun dealers and subjecting them to the whims of government officials.

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The Trace: 85% Of Bump Stock Comments Against Regulation

The Trace discovered that of all the comments to the ATF on bump stocks 85% were against regulation with a good majority of those comments being unique as opposed to a form letter.

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“Bump Fire” Doesn’t Require A Bump Stock

MAC demonstrates bump fire without a special device:

No external or internal devices were used to increase the rate of fire of this rifle @nationalrifleassociation . This is a bone stock AK with nothing but a finger. STOP the NRA and BATF from changing the law, through the misuse of rule making, to ban “rate increasing devices” like my finger, or @geissele 3-Gun triggers, or even magazines based on their capacity. Jan 25th the ATF is going to announce their rule change, pushed by the NRA, that will leave the door wide open for the next anti-gun administration to impose Canadian type restrictions on Americans with the stroke of a pen, no act of Congress will be required. GET IN THE FIGHT AND TELL THE NRA TO STOP BACKING ANTIGUN LAWS! This video makes Marion Hammer, the NRA Fudd, have nightmares. @gunownersofamerica @coppercustom #triggerpuller #pewpew #guns #mac #2amendment #2a #molonlabe #tactical #firearms #merica #freedom #gunlife #shooting #militaryarms #military #gunporn @weaponsdaily @gunwebsites @gunchannels_ @brownellsinc @gunfreaks #brownells @cameraman.mac #goa #gunownersofamerica @forgedfromfreedom #forgedfromfreedom

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Ares Armor vs ATF


The United States District Court for the Southern District of California ruled against Ares Armor in its lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in a decision filed Thursday. United States District Judge Janis L. Sammartino, a George W. Bush appointee, ordered dismissal of plaintiff claims.

Ares claimed First, Second and Fifth Amendment violations by ATF, as well as a violation of the Firearm Owners Protection Act.  ATF argued for dismissal, citing “lack of subject matter jurisdiction …  [and] failure to state a claim,” as well as for summary judgment on the claim by Ares that classifying the part as a firearm was “arbitrary.”

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ATF Raids FPSRussia With No Probable Cause


When talked to the ATF about this incident the ATF spokesman Richard Coes said he didn’t know why ATF agents suspected Myers of wrongdoing.  However, he told local media that “the claim is that he was using explosives and getting paid for it via YouTube.”

Tannerite is used in many of his videos, which is legal to own. Expect the ATF to “make a ruling” that tannerite is now illegal.

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How to Fill Out Paperwork for an NFA Firearm

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All White House communications on government gun-smuggling scandal at ATF have been subpoenaed.

by Dudley Brown

“In just a few short weeks, Barack Obama’s hand-picked, anti-gun Attorney General, Eric Holder, will be forced to testify before Congress about the ATF’s scandal, “Fast & Furious.”

But this time, there is more evidence.

A number of Eric Holder’s deputies may testify what you and I knew all along — that Eric Holder was well aware of the scandal. Others are also coming forward.

“This was an effort by Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano to make an aggressive assault against our 2nd Amendment rights. I’m calling for Eric Holder’s resignation and prosecution,” an Arizona Sheriff recently stated.

Ten Arizona Sheriffs have joined the battle to hold Eric Holder accountable for his actions, which have endangered innocent lives all along the border.”

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Rep. Darrell Issa and ATF Agent Warn of ATF Cover-Up

Monday, 11 Jul 2011 04:16 PM

By Martin Gould

“Eric Holder’s position as attorney general is getting more tenuous as pressure grows on him to resign over the gunrunning scandal that saw weapons fall into the hands of Mexican drug lords.

The actions of his Department of Justice are the subject of an Congressional obstruction of justice investigation into the scheme, said Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

And he said that much of the documentation provided by the DoJ has been useless. “If it wasn’t already available on the internet, it generally is an all-black page of redaction to where it is of no value.”

Issa said that, if Holder did not know about the schemes, Operation Fast and Furious and Project Gunrunner, which saw thousands of automatic weapons end up in the hands of violent Mexican drug lords, he should have.

“It is almost impossible to believe that everyone, including CBS News and many newspapers and Fox, had reported on Fast and Furious, yet Eric Holder still didn’t know anything about it.”

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Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico

(CBS News)

WASHINGTON – Federal agent John Dodson says what he was asked to do was beyond belief.

He was intentionally letting guns go to Mexico?

“Yes ma’am,” Dodson told CBS News. “The agency was.”

An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms senior agent assigned to the Phoenix office in 2010, Dodson’s job is to stop gun trafficking across the border. Instead, he says he was ordered to sit by and watch it happen.

Investigators call the tactic letting guns “walk.” In this case, walking into the hands of criminals who would use them in Mexico and the United States.

Documents show the inevitable result: The guns that ATF let go began showing up at crime scenes in Mexico. And as ATF stood by watching thousands of weapons hit the streets… the Fast and Furious group supervisor noted the escalating Mexican violence.

One e-mail noted, “958 killed in March 2010 … most violent month since 2005.” The same e-mail notes: “Our subjects purchased 359 firearms during March alone,” including “numerous Barrett .50 caliber rifles.”

Dodson feels that ATF was partly to blame for the escalating violence in Mexico and on the border. “I even asked them if they could see the correlation between the two,” he said. “The more our guys buy, the more violence we’re having down there.”

Video here:

“I accuse the U.S. weapons industry of (responsibility for) the deaths of thousands of people that are occurring in Mexico,” Calderon said.

How is it the weapon industry’s fault? Do they blame the auto industry for all of the car accidents in Mexico?

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Agent: ATF partly to blame for Mexico Violence

Watch this chilling and revealing news story.

From: CBS News

Agent: ATF partly to blame for Mexico violence

March 3, 2011 4:01 PM

An agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms claims the agency has a policy that allows guns to get in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. Sharyl Attkisson reports.

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ATF in Damage Control Mode over Gunwalker

ATF Memo from  The Sipsey Street Irregulars

Public Information Officers:

Please make every effort for the next two weeks to maximize coverage
of ATF operations/enforcement actions/arrests at the local and
regional level. Given the negative coverage by CBS Evening News last
week and upcoming events this week, the bureau should look for every
opportunity to push coverage of good stories. Fortunately, the CBS
story has not sparked any follow up coverage by mainstream media and
seems to have fizzled.

It was shoddy reporting, as CBS failed to air on-the-record interviews
by former ATF officials and HQ statements for attribution that
expressed opposing views and explained the law and difficulties of
firearm trafficking investigations. The CBS producer for the story
made only a feigned effort at the 11th hour to reach ATF HQ for comment.

This week (To 3/1/2011), Attorney General Holder testifies on the Hill
and likely will get questions about the allegations in the story. Also
(The 3/3/2011), Mexico President Calderon will visit the White House
and likely will testify on the Hill. He will probably draw attention
to the lack of political support for demand letter 3 and Project

ATF needs to proactively push positive stories this week, in an effort
to preempt some negative reporting, or at minimum, lessen the coverage
of such stories in the news cycle by replacing them with good stories
about ATF. The more time we spend highlighting the great work of the
agents through press releases and various media outreaches in the
coming days and weeks, the better off we will be.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any
significant operations that should get national media coverage, please
reach out to the Public Affairs Division for support, coordination and

Thank you,

Scot L. Thomasson
Chief, ATF Public Affairs Division
Washington, DC

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