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Project Guardian Encourages More Vigilance With Current Gun Laws

From The Hill:

Project Guardian, introduced by Attorney General William Barr last month, is a multifaceted plan that will rely on improved information sharing to more effectively enforce current firearms laws and better prosecute the criminals who violate them. Primarily, Project Guardian places increased reporting standards on federal law enforcement to regularly share with state law enforcement the lists of persons rejected from buying a firearm under the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). More specifically, this memo directs the offices of all U.S Attorneys to more promptly submit to NICS case records of individuals who become legally ineligible to own firearms. This will greatly reduce the lag time between a court’s decision to determine an individual is disqualified from buying or possessing a firearm and the NICS database having knowledge of that determination.

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Will Small Shops Survive Illinois Gun Control?

From Bearing Arms:

A new gun control law aimed squarely at gun shops in the state of Illinois takes effect today. The Firearms Dealer License Certification Act requires all gun stores across the state to be licensed by the Illinois State Police as well as the federal government, and in order to get that state license firearm retailers have to navigate a maze of red tape and comply with onerous new restrictions. In some cases, gun shops are shutting down rather than try to meet the new requirements, and other stores are ditching gun and ammo sales completely.

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Weatherby Moves From California To Wyoming

From San Louis Obispo:

Weatherby is the latest gun industry manufacturer to move its operations to Wyoming in the last five years from states that were not seen as friendly to the gun industry. Several companies, including Magpul Industries, moved their manufacturing operations to Wyoming from Colorado after Colorado lawmakers enacted stricter limits on the sale of firearms accessories.

More gun manufacturers need to do the same. Looking at you Springfield, Remington et al.

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