California Town Becomes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

From Bearing Arms:

When you think of “Needles, California” these days, your first thought is probably of the syringe-strewn streets of San Francisco, not the small town on the California-Arizona border. Needles actually made some news recently, though, thanks to the decision by city leaders to declare their home a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary.” As it turns out, Needles is having a hard time competing with its Arizona neighbors like Fort Mojave, Bullhead City, and Lake Havasu City when it comes to things like tax revenues from retail. Not surprisingly, Arizona gun owners would rather shop in Arizona (a constitutional carry state that also recognizes every other state’s concealed handgun licenses) instead of California, where Arizonans can’t legally carry a firearm. But gun owners in Needles are also being harmed by California’s gun laws.

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