Dems Using Covid Emergency To Force New Gun Restrictions

From Ammoland:

As a condition of passing the COVID-19 Phase 4 legislative relief package, Pelosi and Schumer are preparing to demand their liberal wish-list.
This list could include many items that would be of concern to conservative constitutionalists, generally. But of specific concern to gun owners is the gun control that Pelosi could try to sneak into a COVID-19 relief package — things like Red Flag gun confiscation orders, and more. Our federal lobbyists have been communicating with Senate Republican offices, and right now, it’s too early to tell where the anti-gun Democrat leadership is going to make their big push. Yes, there are anti-gun congressmen who are demanding that Red Flag gun confiscation orders be added to the relief bill. And so Republican Senators need to hear that this would be a non-starter.

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