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Bump Stock Ban Now In Effect


As gun rights groups and Second Amendment advocates sought a nationwide injunction against the move with the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, the pending rule change by government regulators to reclassify bump stocks as “machine guns” was set to become effective on March 26. In response, RW Arms, the leading retailer of the devices, announced they would seek to turn in their remaining inventory of bump stocks to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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ATF Changes Accessory Review


“Effective immediately, any requests for a determination on how an accessory affects the classification of a firearm under the GCA or NFA must include a firearm with the accessory already installed,” noted ATF. “Except in cases of conditional import determinations, FTISB will not issue a determination on an accessory unless it is attached to the submitted firearm.”

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MAGPUL AK Furniture Now Available










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UTG Ambi Foldable Tactical Foregrip with 5 Adjustable Positions

“I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and I have this foregrip attached to my M4. Having used this item in several ground engagements I can say without a doubt that it is an invaluable piece of equipment.

The ability to place the grip at 45 degrees while on patrol so your wrist doesn’t tire, 90 degrees while in the prone so you can force it against a barrier for stability and 0 degrees to be placed flat on top of a wall has been greatly appreciated.

I have dragged this thing through mud and rivers, banged it against walls and rocks and also utilized the ambidexterous pressure switch inserts and battery compartment. Everyone in my platoon wants on and I would highly recommend it to anyone about to deploy. It holds up under stress and gives you the versitility to wage a ground battle effectively.”

By D. Stanley “Nemo” (Billings, MO)

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ACR Accessories Available Now

ACR accessories are now available from Bushmaster.

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