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Armslist Banned By YouTube

From Ammoland:

YouTube told AmmoLand News directly that it shut down the channel for “facilitating” gun sales, violating the YouTube terms of service (TOS). The TOS prohibits selling guns or linking to ads for gun sales.

Although the Armslist site contains classified ads for those wanting to sell guns, the Armslist YouTube page did not sell or link to the Armslist site. The latest video showed how to paint your rifle using spray paint. Thousands of videos on the platform show the same process, which does not violate the YouTube TOS.

Did the New York Times influence YouTube with this hit piece?

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Armslist Sues Big Tech For Deplatforming

From The Truth About Guns:

Armslist LLC and owner Jonathan Gibbon recently filed a lawsuit against Facebook and Instagram over the social media giants’ decision to suspend Gibbon’s personal and business accounts in January, 2020.

According to the lawsuit, Gibbon and Armslist Marketing Director, Andrew Varney III, were “targeted” because of “their conservative and libertarian political views,” Trib Live reported.

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Lawsuit Fails Against Armslist


In a 5-1 ruling, the court held the federal Communications Decency Act shields the Oklahoma-based website in the case. This had the effect of clearing Armslist of liability in the Brady suit, which aimed to find blame with the company following a 2012 shooting with a firearm purchased from a listing on the site.
A judge in a previous 2016 ruling by a lower court also cited CDA, saying that since Armslist did not create the ad or directly become involved in the transaction, they cannot be held at fault over such third-party content.

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