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Gun Businesses Harassed By Tech Companies

From Fox:

“The issue of oligarchical control over the Internet and all the impact over the ability to use it for free speech is going to only get worse,” Kasarda told Fox News, alluding to the “big five” — YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
“It is unclear what the rules are,” he added. “Specifically, with YouTube, they pretty much enforce whatever they feel based on their bias of the day. Regardless of your personal belief, firearms and their accessories are legal in the United States. So why are we seeing continuing restrictions and challenges towards content about something demonstrably legal yet not against that which is clearly illegal?”

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Will Smith Knows Proper Gun Safety

From The Truth About Guns:

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Instagram Bans Promotion Of Guns/Vaping

From CNBC:

Facebook and Instagram will no longer allow influencers to promote vaping, tobacco products or weapons on its platforms using “branded content.”
Instagram announced Wednesday it would no longer allow “branded content” that promotes those goods on either platform. In June, Instagram a change that would let advertisers promote posts from influencers, or users who work with brands to promote services or products. Users see a “paid partnership with” tag on a post when viewing that branded content on Instagram.

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The Well Armed Woman Removed From Instagram

From Bearing Arms:

“There was no warning and there has been no communication from Instagram at all. We don’t post ANYTHING even close to being inappropriate. My focus is totally on empowering and educating our followers. For them to take down a page focused on women taking responsibility for their own self-protection against violence is a new low.”

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