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Beginner Pistols In .22 LR


Several manufacturers make .22s with the same basic (or very similar) dimensions as their larger caliber handguns. This is an awesome way to transition to more firepower in the future, and you’ll already be familiar with the mechanics, trigger, etc. of a particular brand of gun. Occasionally, because the frame is so similar, you can share a good holster between the two.

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Choosing a Firearm for Home Defense

Guns&Ammo article for beginners on how to choose a gun for home defense. It weighs the pros and cons of pistols vs. shotguns vs rifles and the different types of ammo.

Of course, when faced with a lethal threat, any gun is better than no gun. But what is the best gun for home defense? Unfortunately, there is no firearm that is perfectly suited for every person or circumstance. Rather than purchasing a gun based solely on the recommendation of a friend, family member, gun shop owner or because it was featured in in the latest issue of Guns & Ammo, you should consider the capabilities of those who will potentially use the gun to thwart a home invasion.

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