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New ATF Ruling Makes It A Crime To Use A Business’s Machinery To Make Your Own Gun

From The Examiner:

The ruling, signed by ATF Director B. Todd Jones on Friday, also holds that the businesses must “identify (mark) any such firearm and maintain manufacturing records,” and that Gun Control Act requirements may not be avoided by allowing persons to perform processes on machinery, tools and equipment a business controls access to. Excluded from the ruling are weapons and devices regulated by the National Firearms Act.


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Mother Jones: How To Build Your Own AK

Mother Jones is trying to scare people by publishing an article on the legal practice of building an un-serialized rifle for personal use.

And because we’re assembling the guns for our own “personal use,” whatever that may entail, we’re not required to stamp in serial numbers. These rifles are totally untraceable, and even under California’s stringent assault weapons ban, that’s perfectly within the law.

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