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Woman Prevented Mass Murder Days After Uvalde


Police said a woman who was lawfully carrying a pistol shot and killed a man who began shooting at a crowd of people Wednesday night in Charleston.

Dennis Butler was killed after allegedly shooting at dozens of people attending a graduation party Wednesday …. No injuries were reported from those at the party.

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Gun Ownership As Insurance Against Threats

From The Federalist:

If you have a 1-in-50 baseline chance of being violently victimized each year, wouldn’t it be rational to take prudent measures to protect yourself? I think so.
That is exactly why millions of ordinary Americans own guns. Firearms are extremely effective in preventing injury and do not require a great deal of effort to use and keep around. Guns are a perfectly reasonable, cost-effective, safe, and convenient form of risk mitigation.
Owning a gun is like keeping a spare tire in your trunk, a first aid kit at home, or an emergency savings account. We hope never to use them, but we’re glad we have them. None of this indicates paranoia. Carrying a gun is similar to carrying insurance, except it’s better: You actually get to collect the benefits without having to incur serious harm.

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“Administration’s ‘Silent Raids’ Lead to Firings, Not Deportations

“The Obama administration’s new approach to dealing with companies that hire illegal immigrants results in firings, not deportations, the New York Times reported Friday.

Instead of immigration sweeps at factories and farms which used to lead to illegal workers being shipped out of the country, the administration’s new policy—government conducted audits labeled “silent raids” by employers—usually only result in the workers losing their jobs, the Times said.”

It seems to me this policy will only produce more and more unemployed illegal immigrants wandering around the US, with no income. What do hungry, desperate people do when they have no income? Eventually they either go somewhere where they can find work or they take what they need from someone else.

This policy of getting illegal workers fired but not deporting them is going to have a massive negative impact on our crime rate. Maybe not immediately, but as the population of out-of-work, hungry illegal immigrants grows, the crime will grow. Maybe this is one of those “fundamental changes” we were promised.

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Guns Prevent Crime

John Stossel wrote a good article at on how guns prevent crimes and save lives.

In Canada and Britain, both with tough gun-control laws, almost half of all burglaries occur when residents are home. But in the United States, where many households contain guns, only 13 percent of burglaries happen when someone is at home.

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