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From Mosin To Modern Sporter

From Tactical Life:

Add that to the sheer numbers shipped and I think it’s perfectly permissible to ask the die-hard collectors, “Just how many of these millions of rifles do we really need to stick in museums and pass down for posterity in their ‘original’ military form?” Admittedly, I’ve never yet been able to bring myself to sporterize a classic Mauser or Enfield, but let’s be real here—there are more than enough Mosin-Nagants in varying grades and configurations out there to keep the collectors happy collecting and the sporterizers happy sporterizing.


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Making Your Own Firearm Has A Long History


While the technological ingenuity and legal maneuvering of makers such as Wilson and Imura may strike us as quintessentially modern, in fact the work of these garage gunsmiths hearkens back to the first experiments with gun-making in the late Middle Ages, an era before firearms became the province of corporations—and centuries before their subjection to any kind of government regulation or oversight.

The story begins with that most dastardly of medieval inventions, gunpowder, first developed in China probably during the Tang Dynasty before gradually making its way to Western Europe by the middle of the 13th century. Initially the use of gunpowder weapons on the medieval battlefield was limited to larger artillery pieces such as the pot-de-fer and theribauldequin. Soon, though, gunsmiths began experimenting with smaller, increasingly portable weapons that could be carried more easily across a battlefield.

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Business End Customs

Business End Customs will customize Glocks by beveling the edges and chopping the grips to fit shorter magazines. They also customize 1911s and Smith&Wessons.

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Wilson Combat Shotguns

Custom Shotguns


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