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How The ATF Collects Data On You And How To Avoid It

From En Bloc Press:

The best way to avoid triggering these multiple handgun sales reports is simply to not buy two handguns at once, or to wait more than 5 consecutive business days between your purchases. You could also just buy one handgun at one FFL dealer and then another handgun at a separate FFL dealer.

There is no federal law which limits how many firearms an individual can buy at a time. As a legal gun owner, you’re not breaking the law by taking measures to avoid being reported to the ATF, provided of course that you aren’t actually involved in the unlawful trafficking of firearms.

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Anonymity Impossible?

MIT asks the question in an article about how much information individuals create about themselves.

Much of this data is invisible to people and seems impersonal. But it’s not. What modern data science is finding is that nearly any type of data can be used, much like a fingerprint, to identify the person who created it: your choice of movies on Netflix, the location signals emitted by your cell phone, even your pattern of walking as recorded by a surveillance camera. In effect, the more data there is, the less any of it can be said to be private, since the richness of that data makes pinpointing people “algorithmically possible,” says Princeton University computer scientist Arvind Narayanan.

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