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Data Visualization Of Defensive Gun Use

From The Heritage Foundation:

All of the law-abiding citizens featured in this database successfully defended their liberties, lives, or livelihoods with the lawful use of a firearm. These cases are not based on hearsay, but on verifiable reports found through public sources.

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Defensive Gun Uses Save Lives

From The Federalist:

Studies on incidents of defensive gun use range anywhere from an absurdly low 55,000 to a high of 4.7 million per year. The most commonly cited and widely accepted is the 1995 study by Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz, which estimates that between 2.1 and 2.5 million defensive gun use instances occur in the United States each year.

By contrast, from 1993-2011, nonfatal firearm-related crime ranged between 1,287,190 and 331,618 incidents per year. This data makes a strong case that defensive gun use is much more common than firearm-related crime. Instances of defensive gun use save lives every day, but the stories get very little news coverage, while the statistically much fewer negative gun uses are often covered by the national news media for days on end.

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AOC Denigrates Gun Owners In Tweet

From The Truth About Guns:

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Defensive Gun Use vs Car Accidents


How is it that so many kids raised on “Harry Potter”, “The Hunger Games”, “Star Wars”, and all the Marvel action figure movies manage to miss a critical point of the stories? The lesson being: If you want to prevail over evil villains, you must have the proper tools to fight back.

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Cato Institute: Defensive Gun Uses

The Cato Institute has created an interactive Google map to chart the defensive use of guns in the United States. The map is not comprehensive, but does allow users to add any defensive use that is not already displayed.

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