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Armed Citizens For Personal And National Defense

From Cam and Company:

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AOC Denigrates Gun Owners In Tweet

From The Truth About Guns:

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Couple Thinks Walmart Is Responsible For Their Security

From AP:

A Texas couple who were injured in a mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso last month recently filed a lawsuit against the corporation alleging it did not have adequate security in place to prevent the attack that killed 22 people.

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Gov’t Settles Case With Defense Distributed

From Reason:

The Justice Department has reached a settlement with the Second Amendment Foundation and Defense Distributed, a collective that organizes, promotes, and distributes technologies to help home gun-makers. Under the agreement, which resolved a suit filed by the two groups in 2015, Americans may “access, discuss, use, reproduce or otherwise benefit from the technical data” that the government had previously ordered Defense Distributed to cease distributing.

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Legal Defense Funds for Armed Citizens

There are a few options for those who want to be sure they have proper representation in the unlikely event they have to use their weapon in self defense.

Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network

National Association for Legal Gun Defense

NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund


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Gun Sales Surging in Nevada Due to Californians


“There’s no law that tells me I can’t sell to someone from California,” said a Nevada resident who declined to give his name. “It’s not on me if they drive over to the communist side with this thing. It’s on them.”

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Stag Arms Hints At Leaving Conn.

The CEO of Stag Arms:

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Women Should Be Able To Protect Themselves

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“We Are Trying To Protect Others From Feeling Uncomfortable”

Those are the words of Colorado Senator Ted Harvey to the victim of a rape. She was arguing in defense of concealed carry on campus.

I didn’t know our rights could be stripped because someone at some point may feel uncomfortable. Never mind the fact that the person wouldn’t know who is carrying and who isn’t.

Here is a clip of the testimony from the Colorado hearing:

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Rape Victim’s Ability To Defend Herself Was Legislated Away

I was raped, I was raped at gun-point in a gun-free zone less that 100 feet away from the police department’s office and then he when on to further rape two other women and murder his third victim.

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Don’t Be a Victim TV Show

Spike TV has a “Don’t be a Victim” TV series. The schedule can be found at

This week on the groundbreaking ‘Don’t Be a Victim’ block on Spike, when a disgruntled, ex-employee kills seven at his former place of work and many co-workers are still trapped inside, would you know how to stay safe? We’ll hear from Rueben Grijalva, the Chief Negotiator who talked Richard Farley into surrendering at ESL, saving the lives of countless others on ‘What If?’. When there is an intruder in your home, would you know what to do? Members of SWAT and the Navy SEAL’s will show you on Beretta’s ‘Because Lives Depend On It’.  Stun guns, pepper spray and tazers – would you know how to use them effectively? And if you were a witness to a bank robbery, would you know how to be a good witness? Don’t miss this week’s ‘Practical Tactical’.

The victim of a vicious and violent hate crime, Timothy Leon joins the class at Tac Pro on ‘Conceal & Carry School’. Will he be able to endure the course, or will he be packing his bags for home?

How do bodyguards keep high profile clients safe? The Sig Sauer Academy will show citizens tactics that the professionals use and how you can incorporate them into your person protection plan, on ‘School for Survival.’ And, the victim of domestic violence, a brave woman learns how to fight back on Even the Odds.

‘Don’t Be a Victim’ airs Saturdays, 9am-11am Eastern (check local listings for times in your area).

For a preview of this week’s block, and to tell us your story of survival against violence, click here:

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