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Update on Lead Smelter Closure

From The Blaze:

“Sierra uses no primary lead at all and never has, so we use nothing directly from this facility,” the company said in a statement on its website. “[W]e do not see any reason for alarm. We expect our supply to continue and keep feeding our production lines which are still running 24 hours per day to return our inventory levels to where they should be.”

“No impact upon any cast bullet manufacturing operation whatever. We do not use virgin lead, which is what Doe Run provided,” Brad Alpert, operations manager for the Missouri Bullet Company, told TheBlaze in an email. “We use foundry alloy from major foundries derived from scrap sources, purified and cleaned to purity.”

“The jacketed bullets companies (Winchester, Remington, Federal, et al.) use the same sources that we do,” Alpert wrote.

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Ammo Prices to Increase Due to Pollution Regulations

From South Carolina Sportsman:

According to reports from the National Rifle Association and Charlotte-based, the primary lead smelter at Herculaneum, Mo., will close its doors at year’s end.

The smelter, owned and operated by the Doe Run Company, has been in existence at the same location since 1892. It is the only smelter in the country that can convert raw lead ore into lead bullion mined from large deposits in Missouri.

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EPA Denies Petition on Ammunition Ban

From: EPA

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today denied a petition calling for a ban on the production and distribution of lead hunting ammunition. EPA sent a letter to the petitioners explaining the rejection – that letter can be found here:

Steve Owens, EPA assistant administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, issued the following statement on the agency’s decision:

“EPA today denied a petition submitted by several outside groups for the agency to implement a ban on the production and distribution of lead hunting ammunition. EPA reached this decision because the agency does not have the legal authority to regulate this type of product under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) – nor is the agency seeking such authority.


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Ban of all traditional forms of ammunition? Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976

Barack Obama has teamed up with liberal special interest groups to use the un-elected bureaucrats in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban all traditional forms of ammunition.

That’s right, Obama and his cronies are trying to ban ALL your ammo.

By using the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976, they want to ban all hunting, target and self-defense ammo that contains lead, no matter how little.

Make no mistake — this is gun control at its worst.

Since your actions have stopped their plans to pass ammo and gun bans so far in congress,  they’re using the old end-run.

Obama and his anti-gun cronies in the EPA know that by banning all but the most expensive ammo, they’ve effectively banned your guns in all but name.

And they’ve certainly destroyed the red-blooded American past time of just plain shooting.

To make matters worse, the anti-gunners are hoping to sneak this attack on our Second Amendment Rights through as a bureaucratic rule change.

They know that when they introduce gun control as legislation that gun owners like you and I have tremendous grassroots power.

The anti-gun lobby knows that is you keep the heat on congress most members of Congress will be afraid of angering gun owners so close to an election.

So they’re simply bypassing the democratic, legislative process all together by counting on bureaucrats in the EPA to do their anti-gun dirty work.

Think this doesn’t apply to you? Think again.

The goal of this rule change is simple: drive the price of ammo through the roof for all but law enforcement and the military.

Virtually all hunting, target and self-defense ammo has some lead components.

They’re trying to disarm us one bullet at a time.

Petition here:

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They Tried To Ban Your Ammo!

The EPA within a matter of hours today went from taking requests about banning lead ammo to completely rejecting the idea.

U.S. News:

The EPA had planned to solicit public responses to the petition for two months, but this afternoon issued a statement rejecting a 100-page request from the Center for Biological Diversity, the American Bird Conservancy, and three other groups for a ban on lead bullets, shot, and fishing sinkers. The agency is still considering what to do about sinkers.

Vigilance is required if we are to maintain our liberties.

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