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Biden Administration To Create Ministry Of Truth

From The Post Millennial:

The Department of Homeland Security is setting up a new board designed to counter misinformation related to homeland security, with a focus specifically on Russia and irregular migration. The board will be called the “Disinformation Governance Board, and will be headed by executive director Nina Jankowicz.

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Corporate Press Losing Trust

From News Busters:

Globally, 67% of people surveyed worry that journalists and reporters are “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations,” a new Edelman survey finds. That’s up 8% from last year. It’s also virtually tied with the 66% who say their country’s government is intentionally misleading or lying to them (up 9%).

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ABC Reports Facts On AR-15s

From Bearing Arms:

While semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 are a major flashpoint in the gun control debate and are often the focus of attention following mass shootings, there are only about 20 million assault rifles in the United States, a fraction of the estimated 400 million guns in the country. Instead, according to ABC News contributor and former FBI agent Brad Garrett, handguns account for the most gun murders in the U.S.

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Obama Calls For Speech Regulation

From National Review:

“There are millions of people who subscribed to the notion that Joe Biden is a socialist, who subscribed to the notion that Hillary Clinton was part of an evil cabal that was involved in pedophile rings. I think at some point it’s going to require a combination of regulation and standards within industries to get us back to the point where we at least recognize a common set of facts before we start arguing about what we should do about those facts.”

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The Stats On Mass Shootings

From The Truth About Guns:

For example, despite what you have been led to believe and contrary to sensationalized reporting, mass shootings are not more frequent today, only more publicized and propagandized.
Northeastern University Criminal Justice Professor James Fox reported that the highest casualty rate for mass murders in the past three decades occurred in 1977. In that year, 38 criminals killed 141 victims. Compare this to 1994, which had the lowest number of mass murders: 31 criminals murdered 74 people.

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Media Ignoring Islamist Ideology

From Gatestone Institute:

Although Americans may be more familiar with Islamist attacks in Europe, North America, North Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent than with the perpetrators or the religion, it is the Quran’s content, the Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and conduct and current fatwas that, regardless of Trump’s rhetoric, have driven a wedge between the Muslim world and the West.

Indeed, contrary to what The New York Times piece asserts, it is not the president who is spreading the idea that “Islam is an inherently hostile ideology,” that “Muslims are enemies of Christians and Jews” and that “Muslims have always had a comprehensive, actionable, and jihadist plan to take over” — but rather the Quran itself.

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The Kurds Are America’s Forgotten Ally

From NRA News:

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SWAT April 2014


Carbines: M4 vs M1

Edged Weapons Self-Defense

Competitive Shooting vs Real World

Quick Shooting With Back-up Guns

Biological and Chemical Threats

Budget Shotgun: Rock Island Armory M5



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Ammo Prices to Increase Due to Pollution Regulations

From South Carolina Sportsman:

According to reports from the National Rifle Association and Charlotte-based, the primary lead smelter at Herculaneum, Mo., will close its doors at year’s end.

The smelter, owned and operated by the Doe Run Company, has been in existence at the same location since 1892. It is the only smelter in the country that can convert raw lead ore into lead bullion mined from large deposits in Missouri.

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Pistol Pay Introduction Video

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Military Dog to Get Equivalent of Victoria Cross

From ITV:

An Army sniffer dog who died of a seizure shortly after his handler was killed in Afghanistan will posthumously receive the highest Military Honour available to animals today.


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FBI Denver JTTF Fusion Center

The more than 100 FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Forces around the country rely on a network of local, state, and federal partners to help protect the nation. In Denver, one of our key partners is the Colorado Information Analysis Center. Details

Colorado’s fusion center is a key partner for our Joint Terrorism Task Force in Denver. Details

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Military Times SitRep Online

SitRep is a  weekly news video from Military Times. Here is their latest:

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SWAT April 2012

On newsstands soon if not now:


Defaulting To Zero

Bug-Out Drill

Lone Star Medics

Build a Budget Rifle

Larry Vickers CQB Course

Designated Marksmen

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Military Vehicle Expo

Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference

Dear Colleague,

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• Interactive Exhibition
Evaluate the latest vehicles, components and after market add-on products from hundreds of exhibitors side-by-side from across the globe during in-depth hands-on demonstrations.

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