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Media Shames Rookie For “Three Percenter” Tat

The media purposefully mischaracterized the symbol and this kid isn’t wise enough to push back. This kid also has a “Liberty or Death” tattoo, which I will submit is more extreme than a Roman three surrounded by stars.

From CBS Boston:

Rohrwasser, who is 23, said he got the tattoo when he was 18, thinking it stood for support of the military. He told reporters he would cover it up.
But in an interview with WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton Monday night, Rohrwasser said he didn’t know the real meaning of the tattoo until he was drafted and started seeing the criticism on social media. He now plans on getting it removed.

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Google Shopping Banning Terms With Gun

Note: I personally ran the same searches and didn’t have nearly as many of the searches return “no results” but I did get a few.

From The Federalist:

On Twitter early this morning, Ryan Fitz flagged something weird: Google Shopping returns no results for any search containing the word “gun.”

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