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How Will Musk’s Twitter Takeover Affect Guns?

From Ammoland:

Probably over half the earth’s population understands that weapons have utility, as they have for all of man’s existence. It is an extreme policy to claim that weapons, even toy weapons, collector’s weapons, tools, knives, and self-defense items which are legal in the vast majority of countries, are somehow “bad” and should not be allowed to be advertised.

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Gun Rights Community Needs More Group Defense When Attacked

From Ammoland:

If anything, when Everytown comes after a Jimenez Arms, or when a Letitia James wants to shut down a pro-Second Amendment group, the entire Second Amendment community needs to stand up and be counted. Anti-Second Amendment extremists need to be made to understand that messing with one gun owner – or one part of the Second Amendment community – will generate a response from all of us.

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The War On Gun Culture

From Bearing Arms:

However, maybe it is time that we spend a bit more time declaring our allegiance to the Second Amendment publicly. I’m not talking about telling your friends you support it, either. I suspect the average Bearing Arms reader’s friends and family are already aware.

No, I’m talking about wearing pro-Second Amendment clothing, brands, and other such items. Wearing a Glock ball cap while wearing a snarky pro-gun shirt will signal to people that you support the Second Amendment. If people see it enough, they’ll come to understand that we’re all around them and represent no threat. We’ve always been there, and we’ve never been a threat.

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