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There’s No Ban On Studying Guns

From National Review:

Hundreds of news stories over the past few years have maintained that the all-powerful NRA worked to institute a CDC “ban,” or an effective ban, including the above Washington Post piece. In truth, nothing has ever stopped the CDC from asking for specific funding to research “gun violence” if it pleased. Nothing has stopped the CDC from allocating its own funds for a study on gun violence.

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Facebook Censors Gun Stories Based On Source Site

From Townhall:

CRPC decided to share a Fox News piece detailing the research they conducted on their Facebook page. The organization wanted to boost their post as an ad so more people would see the study’s results. That’s when Facebook’s bias became clear.

One of the ads CRPC posted was a direct link to their website where people could download the study’s results. Facebook quickly approved the ad and all was fine.

When the organization went to post an ad linking to a Fox News article that detailed the study’s results, the ad was not approved.

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