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There’s No Ban On Studying Guns

From National Review:

Hundreds of news stories over the past few years have maintained that the all-powerful NRA worked to institute a CDC “ban,” or an effective ban, including the above Washington Post piece. In truth, nothing has ever stopped the CDC from asking for specific funding to research “gun violence” if it pleased. Nothing has stopped the CDC from allocating its own funds for a study on gun violence.

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A Gun Violence Solution

From Fox News:

The most disturbing part of this issue is there are good solutions available, but the mainstream media have no interest in them, as they require us to focus on the actual problem – the criminal element in our society and the mentally ill.
The mainstream media, instead, are waging a political war. They want to win power for their preferred political party. They have little interest in doing honest reporting on gang violence and how we can make inner city communities safer.

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The Liberal Gun Club

From The Washington Free Beacon:

The club also serves as an escape from some less-than-tolerant anti-gun left-wingers. Pattie, Sean, and Keith all said they’d faced more backlash from the average liberal who found out they owned guns than from gun owners who found out they were liberals. In Pattie’s case, she said gun owners tended to be far more tolerant of her being gay than liberals are of her being a gun owner.

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A Total Gun Ban Is The Goal

From The Federalist:

The tragedy at the heart of the gun control debate is that any firearm that can be used for good can also be used for evil. There are not good guns and bad guns. There are just guns, used by good and bad people. Any firearm that is effective for legitimate uses like hunting and self-defense will also be effective when used for evil purposes.

Nor can guns always be kept out of the wrong hands, for we cannot always know who will do evil, and those known to be hellbent on doing harm to others will often circumvent restrictions. Thus, the only realistic way to prevent mass shootings and end gun violence would be a total gun ban, ruthlessly enforced. Unfortunately, gun control advocates’ rhetoric is deliberately crafted to obscure this uncomfortable reality.

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