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Police/Military Experience Does Not Equal Gun Expert

From Washington Examiner:

You see it all the time in news media. Former law enforcement officials or military personnel are asked to opine on how guns or gun laws work. It doesn’t matter if that person’s position had anything to do with firearms or if they’ve even fired a gun in the past decade.

The mistake is to some extent understandable. People in law enforcement or the military take gun safety training at some point in their career. So, everyone who ever served must know everything there is to know about guns. Right?

Well, of course, that’s not actually the case. Many military members only ever go through basic training and never handle a gun again after that point. Police officers in most major departments, even ones on active duty, are only required to requalify twice a year after their own training courses.

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Shannon Lee Calls For More Gun Training On Movie Sets

From Bearing Arms:

At a red carpet event on Monday ahead of the Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles — at which Lee is slated to present the first honoree of the newly created Bruce Lee Award — the 52-year-old actor, producer and accomplished martial artist herself spoke to Agence France-Presse on the tragic killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins last month during filming of the American Western film “Rust.”

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Free Training For Teachers July 20


Firearms instructors across the nation will band together to provide free training courses to teachers as part of the annual National Train a Teacher Day on July 20.

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Philly Man Provides Free Gun Training

From The Trace:

Our goal is to educate all hoods across America about the Second Amendment rights they have. A lot of times in my community, firearms are available before you have the information to even handle them properly. You can run across a gun at 15. What we want to do is, if anyone runs a across a gun at a young age, we want them to know what to do and not to do. It’s about making sure people from my demographic aren’t doing the wrong thing.

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