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The Racism Of Gun Control

From Daily Caller:

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Maj Toure On The Candice Owens Show

From The Candice Owens Show:

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Matt Kibbe Interviews Maj Toure

From Kibbe On Liberty:

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Maj Toure Interview With We The Internet

From We The Internet:

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Black Gun Owners

From The New York Times:

Of course, Hayden was not alone in his stance of armed self-defense in the pre-Civil War era. Ms. Sinha notes: “Black abolitionists, especially those involved in the abolitionist underground and Vigilance Committees, tended to arm themselves … fugitive slaves, often resorted to armed self-defense when confronted by slave catchers and law enforcement.” The Underground Railroad activist Harriet Tubman was said to carry a revolver and did not hesitate to point it, according to her biographer, Sarah Bradford.

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Philly Man Provides Free Gun Training

From The Trace:

Our goal is to educate all hoods across America about the Second Amendment rights they have. A lot of times in my community, firearms are available before you have the information to even handle them properly. You can run across a gun at 15. What we want to do is, if anyone runs a across a gun at a young age, we want them to know what to do and not to do. It’s about making sure people from my demographic aren’t doing the wrong thing.

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