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How To Control A Physical Altercation

From The Armory Life:

In any violent physical altercation, there are four critical factors that can determine your victory or failure. What are they and how can they give you a tactical advantage should you need them?

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Virginia Wants To Make Firearms/Martial Arts Training Illegal

From The Captain’s Journal:

This is a remarkable development.  One refreshing thing is that the masks have all come off now.  With control of the Senate, House and Governor’s mansion, the controllers want you to know where they stand and are willing to say so out loud and in the clearest possible terms.

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Nunchucks Are “Arms”

From Bearing Arms:

But the thing is, it’s the right to keep and bear arms. That includes weapons like nunchucks, even if they’re essentially obsolete in most ways. That’s important because it also protects the next kind of weapon. Technology advances, after all. The Kentucky rifle was the standard civilian firearm when the Second Amendment was written, but the descriptor of “arms” protected repeating firearms when they were introduced. It means it should protect whatever firearms come next, even if we don’t live to see that day.

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Self Defense For Women

From the Loadout Room:

Knowledge and preparation are the two keys to protecting yourself from sexual violence.   The violence can come from a friend, stranger or  a twisted mix of both as the problem of date-rape continues to grow.

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Krav Maga Intro

Via The Art of Manliness:

The primary goal in Krav Maga is to neutralize your threat as quickly as possible. This overarching goal governs all the other principles of Krav Maga. Because your aim is to dominate and incapacitate your attacker as soon as possible, pretty much anything goes in Krav Maga. You can’t worry about fighting etiquette when your life is on the line. You do whatever you have to do to preserve your life.

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