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Poll: Young Women Rank “Gun Rights” With “Equal Pay” And “Abortion Access”

The poll was conducted by ABC/Refinery29.

11% of women ranked Gun Rights, Equal Pay and Abortion Access as a top priority.

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Number of Younger Shooters Growing Rapidly

From The Washington Times:

“What separates shooting sports from stick-and-ball sports is that when it’s time for our kids to go to a tournament, all the kids can compete — heavy, thin, tall, short, fast, slow, boy or girl — it doesn’t make them any different,” Mr. Wondrashsaid. “That’s what really lends itself to our sport.”

The SSSF has programs in 42 states and has seen participation grow from about 6,000 students four years ago to 13,000 now, Mr. Wondrash said.

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Young Adults Flocking To Firearms

From The Tampa Bay Times:

Angela Aliff, 33, has been shooting since she was 10 years old. When the Tampa health care professional moved out on her own, her father bought her a handgun.

Collazo estimates about 35 percent of shooter range in age from 21 to 35. They’re young professionals like 25-year-old Kierron Conner who’s trying out his Glock G23 for the first time after purchasing the weapon at a gun show. He recently completed a concealed weapons course and the training has been an inspiration for his older brother, Danny, 28, to get back into practice after a six- year hiatus.


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