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TV Shows Now Attacking Legal Gun Possession

From Bearing Arms:

Why are two characters in search of “the perfect nanny”? Lopez fired her nanny towards the beginning of the episode because a gun fell out of the nanny’s purse. The way ABC set the stage made the nanny look like a rogue cowboy. A purse got moved and the gun fell out of it, not in a holster or anything.

If there were to be a complaint here, it’d revolve around ways a person could achieve responsible off-body carry. But that’s not how it all went down. “What the hell is a gun doing in your purse?” Lopez asked the nanny. She replied, “It’s for protection. I have a permit.” Lopez declared, “Not in my house you don’t.”

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ABC Reports Facts On AR-15s

From Bearing Arms:

While semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 are a major flashpoint in the gun control debate and are often the focus of attention following mass shootings, there are only about 20 million assault rifles in the United States, a fraction of the estimated 400 million guns in the country. Instead, according to ABC News contributor and former FBI agent Brad Garrett, handguns account for the most gun murders in the U.S.

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Poll: Young Women Rank “Gun Rights” With “Equal Pay” And “Abortion Access”

The poll was conducted by ABC/Refinery29.

11% of women ranked Gun Rights, Equal Pay and Abortion Access as a top priority.

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Nightline Reports On Glock

The overall tone of the report in negative, but not as bad as I was expecting:

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